Why Our Vampire Facials® Aren’t Bloody

You have probably seen the pictures on Instagram: Kim Kardashian or Bar Rafaeli with blood splattered all over their face. As part of this new revolutionary skincare treatment called the Vampire Facial®, growth factors and healing agents derived from your own blood are used to actually stimulate cell turnover, rejuvenate and repair your skin.

Bar Refaeli & Kim Kardashian Receive the Vampire Facial® Procedure

Bar Refaeli & Kim Kardashian Receive the Vampire Facial® Procedure

So, why the blood on the face? In order for a Vampire Facial® to be performed, we first must source the valuable ingredient from your blood. This key ingredient causes the repair and rejuvenation of your skin. The first step is a quick blood draw. Next, the blood is spun in a centrifuge to isolate the the good stuff.

An Esthetician or RN will then perform microneedling on the entire face and subsequently apply it to the skin.

Here is where our MediSpa office is different than most – our facials don’t look bloody. The reason being is that we use a very high grade centrifuge to spin the blood, the type that is used in orthopedic surgeries. Also, we spin the blood twice in order for the red blood cells to completely separate the blood and leaving us with what we call “liquid gold” – no red blood cells left in it.

When we apply this after microneedling, it appears clear instead of bloody. Although you won’t look like Kim Kardashian on Halloween, we can assure you that this ingredient you will get in our office is superior to any other you will find.

For more information regarding the Vampire Facial®, please visit our Vampire Facial® page or call our office at 925-736-0401.

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